Zinplex is a proudly South African company founded in 1998.

The idea of Zinplex arose as a result of several leading articles describing the essential qualities and uses for zinc supplementation. There is concrete scientific proof that Zinc Supplementation has been found to help improve skin conditions such as Pimples, Acne and Eczema.

Furthermore Zinc has been proven to be a highly effective immune booster and support mechanism. Zinplex has grown into a worldwide leader in Zinc Supplementation and is registered with the South African Medicine Control Council as a pharmaceutical supplement and is currently manufactured by a highly reputable third party manufacturing company for and on behalf of Zinplex.
Zinplex has expanded its product offering over the years and now boasts an impressive array of Products ranging from our award winning Zinplex Junior Range through to our Zinmag Sport range specializing in the Muscle Recovery for athletes of all ages.

The company continues to strive for innovation within the Zinc supplementation market and continues to deliver the best Zinc Based products the market has to offer.