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How to beat the winter blues

2021-07-09T13:08:37+02:00A Healthier Way of Life, Blog, Vitamins & Minerals|

This time of year comes with many challenges. Winter means longer nights and shorter days, taking from us our desire to work out, walk outside or be anywhere else aside from the couch with our blankets.  Furthermore, we often find ourselves leaving the house before the sun is up and returning home when the [...]

Let food be your medicine

2021-07-09T13:09:44+02:00A Healthier Way of Life, Blog, Vitamins & Minerals|

In our modern world, we are becoming more and more passionate about health and about the various possibilities that we can use to prevent certain diseases and improve our quality of life. When I say “improve our lives”, I mean that we can change our mental and physical state. The ancient Greeks already realized [...]

Check-ups and tests to have during pregnancy

2021-02-11T14:30:43+02:00A Healthier Way of Life, Blog, Immune System, Vitamins & Minerals|

While pregnancy is a natural process and not an illness, regular medical check-ups are important. Whether you choose to see your doctor throughout your pregnancy, or prefer to see a private midwife, only going to a doctor early and then again later in pregnancy, you will need to see a practitioner regularly, and you [...]

The immune system – the art of balancing!

2021-01-27T12:41:25+02:00A Healthier Way of Life, Blog, Immune System, Vitamins & Minerals|

Understanding our immune system is a complex process that is still being studied. There are many factors involved in a healthy immune system, but the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought great emphasis on studying what makes certain immune systems more vulnerable than others. One cannot underestimate the role of genetic factors, diet, [...]

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