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  • Zinplex Fruity-Veg Quick Fix

    Vitamin and Mineral Energy Gel Support For: Detox Poor Diets Mental Focus Physical Vitality Stress and Fatigue Immune Sustenance Lactose free. Colourant free. Comes in Goji Berry and Citrus flavour.
  • Zinmag Sports Combo

    Zinmag Sport Anti-Chafe Cream: An effective protection cream that will help to reduce irritation and chafing during exercise and excessive clothing movements. Contains Lanolin, Shea Butter and natural oils to moisturize sensitive skin areas. Zinmag Sport Cooling Down Gel: By gently massaging this clinically formulated cooling gel into the major muscle areas after vigorous exercise, it can assist with the removal of waste products in the muscle. This will result in more relaxed and lighter feeling muscles. Contains Menthol and natural oils. Zinmag SportPre-Warm Up Cream: This clinically formulated pre-warm up cream is specifically designed as a pre-exercise and pre- activity muscle warming massaging aid. It can assist in improving blood-flow to the muscle tissue reducing the risk of lactic acid accumulation. Contains Ginger, Arnica, Eucalyptus Oils and Capsicum.
  • ZINMAG SPORT™  Tablets contain a specially formulated blend of minerals and vitamins for active sports men and women. - assists in conditions such as muscle cramps and can help to improve muscle recovery after strenuous exercise and aids muscle building.
  • This is an effective Anti-Chafe Cream that forms a protective barrier on the skin which can assist to relieve and reduce irritation, skin rashes and excessive clothing friction. It can help prevent dry, rough and itchy skin. Contains Shea Butter, Calendula and Lanolin.
  • This cooling gel is specially formulated with anti-inflammatory properties to create a cooling sensation to assist in the temporary relief of fatigued, aching, overworked and sore muscles and joints after exercise. Contains Menthol, MSM and Cypress Pine.
  • This pre-warm up heating cream is specially formulated for pre-exercise warm up to increase the blood flow to the musle tissue. It creates a heating sensation to assist with the temporary relief from joint and muscle aches, cramps, sprains and inflammation. Contains Arnica, MSM, Capsicum and Wintergreen.

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